Vini Vici / Mr. Oizo – Talking With Mr. Oizo (Vini Vici Mashup)

Vini ViciMr. Oizo aka Quentin Dupieux is a well known French DJ and film director. His productions are not bound to one specific genre. He is often found experimenting with Future House and Techno which is a trait all good french producers possess. Vini Vici and the French DJ have come together with their latest ‘Talking With Mr. Oizo‘ that is also available for a free download.

Vini-Vici, as we all know, are an Israeli Psy-Trance project that has gained a massive audience with their recent tracks ‘Chakra‘ and ‘Flashback‘. We also have to give them credit for giving us ‘Great Spirit‘ that is a proper Trance track mixed with brilliant psychedelic elements. ‘Talking With Mr. Oizo‘ is a track that has Psy elements in it but somewhere fails to qualify as only a psychedelic trance track despite being classified into the genre. We feel its more of a cross-genre track with certain elements of both Psy-Trance and some Tech-House infused at a few points. The vocals give the song a signature Vini Vici Goa Trance feel. Listen to it below.

Vini Vici / Mr. Oizo – Talking With Mr. Oizo | Free Download