Tesla Released a Ridiculously Overpriced External Battery Charger

Technology is constantly improving & developing. Tesla, the well-known American automaker, solar panel manufacturer and efficient energy storage company, are continuously developing and branching out their groundbreaking products – ultimately fitting that statement perfectly. Recently, the Palo Alto, California based business quietly released a mobile battery pack to charge many of your devises – but who knew it was going to be so ridiculously overpriced!

The aptly named external battery charger, PowerBank, was designed to resemble the Tesla supercharger monument located just outside of their main office. Although the overall look is sleek, the general functions aren’t really out of the ordinary. Equiped with a lightning cable, built-in micro USB and USB, the mobile battery pack allows you to leave the extra charging cable behind and still allows you to recharge the device in question.

With a capacity of only 3350mAh, the user will only be guarenteed barely one full charge of their device – think that’s a let down…wait until we tell you about the price. It’s 45 freakin dollars! You can hop on over to Amazon right now and get an Anker external battery charger that has 20,000mAH (6 times more than Tesla’s) for $32.

If you’re a true Tesla fan, the “collectable” is something that you should purchase. If you’re looking to get more bang for your buck, it won’t be too difficult to come across a battery pack that’s more worth your while. It really makes you wonder if the cars are comparatively overpriced….