Repost Network

The music industry, and the way artists and labels get paid is changing rapidly. Payments are being digitized as streaming platforms maintain and expand their hold on the market. The new school is in, and the old is out. This change is being facilitated with the help of Repost Network.

What is Repost Network?

Repost Network is the leading company behind SoundCloud monetization, distribution, and
content protection, among others. Repost’s mission is to help musicians, labels, and podcasters make a living through their audiences online. Repost sets itself apart by keeping it simple.

Through SoundCloud, YouTube, and online DSPs, Repost focuses on building the best product offering around. Repost has signed on to work with over 2,000 channels, including some notable mentions such as Trap Style, Dancing Pineapple, Electrostep Network, & Delicieuse Musique.

How does Repost Network Help Artists?

Repost’s product and business model makes monetization quick and easy with a simple,
world-class dashboard where users can submit each of their SoundCloud tracks for
monetization. In addition, the dashboard provides easy access to the On SoundCloud program’s additional features such as Featured Profiles, Banner Click-Throughs, and Content Protection.

Without a doubt, this is the best user-friendly network in the game.

Repost Network Dashboard

It gets better, too. SoundCloud isn’t the only option for revenue that Repost provides for its
users. YouTube is also available. Repost’s awesome software allows channels to set up their content to be monetized via 3rd party uploads on YouTube using the contentID system. If the artist would like to opt out of this feature, the product also allows for its artist to remove claims from Repost’s very own CMS. This means if an artist releases with a big YouTube channel, the artist has the ability to whitelist the video.

Last but not least, Repost is killing the distribution game with distribution access to 25+ DSPs including Spotify, Apple Music, Beatport, Amazon, and Google. The Repost dashboard features a tool where users can upload, customize, and pick and choose everything about their release.

Now to add icing to the cake, Repost’s newest feature gives their artists and labels a chance to pitch their releases to official Spotify playlists, all with the click of a button.


How to get started?

Repost Network is here to help you, whether you’re an artist, manager, label, or podcaster.
Their focus on streaming versus digital downloads opens a new avenue in the music world. In sum, it is fine-tuning an epic product that puts the Tunecores of the world to shame.

There is no upfront fee to join Repost. They operate on a revenue share system so your
success is in their best interest. Keep in mind they don’t accept everyone since they have a quality over quantity approach to their platform.

If you think you’ve got what it takes to join, you can apply here: