Virtual Self Shares Phone Number That Adds to Mystery

Virtual Self

The Virtual Self Project Gets More and More Interesting

We’ve reported multiple times on Porter Robinson‘s new project Virtual Self. Porter has made it clear he will approach this project differently than he has with his past musical endeavors. So far we know very little about it. Through cunning journalism, obsessive Porter fans, and random happenstance, we managed to find out the first date for a Virtual Self Event. And now we’re bringing you more juicy teasers.
Virtual Self

What you are seeing is real. At 12:00 P.M. on November 7, the Virtual Self Twitter sent out this tweet with the number (712) 432-4609. Whoever is running the account deleted the tweet shortly thereafter. But as of 7:30 EST, the number associated with Lake Park, Iowa remains active. If you call the number a recorded message plays, beginning with a soothing melody. Then a voice joins the music. This stream of conscious style thought pattern wanders almost aimlessly throughout the message. You can read one Reddit user’s incomplete notation of the voice here. After finishing the message repeats, allowing you to try to decipher it yourself.

This underground publicity strategy by Porter seems to be the new norm for the Virtual Self project. Relying on word of mouth and viral advertising may have its downsides. But in a day and age where dedicated fans express more and more interest in a direct connection with their DJ’s, this approach may just work after all.

Read our coverage of his Virtual Self announcement, his attitude towards fans wanting more music in the style of Worldsand the appearance of show flyers for the first Virtual Self event in our previous articles. And stay tuned to keep up to date on all the new information on Porter Robinson and his Virtual Self project.