51,750 pressed pills and 227,600 grams of powdered MDMA were seized in a Malaysian Special Tactical Intelligence Narcotics Group raid on Halloween. Police also repossessed about $140,000 in cash and other assets. In addition to the contraband, 8 suspected traffickers (citizenship: Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam) were also taken into custody.

Not only is this bust removing a massive volume of narcotics from the street, but the confiscated lab equipment will hopefully reduce future production as well. Experts estimated that the lab had produced less than 5% of the ecstasy pills that they would have been capable of making had law enforcement not intervened.

MDMA-related deaths have growth consistently around the world. For example, England and Wales saw a record-high in 2016, more than 5x the number of causalities in 1993. Most recently a 16-year old passed away due to an Ecstasy overdose on October 31st. Reports of the overdose state that he had only taken one pill which shows how dangerous consuming unregulated medication of any kind can be.

Source / The Malaysian Mail Online