Major Lazer has been a hit since their colourful debut album, Guns Don’t Kill People… Lazers Do, finally hit ears back in 2009. However, the trio has never forgotten where they came from, as they continue to show love and support for the Caribbean islands throughout their sound and image.

Over this past year alone, we’ve seen numerous efforts from this energetic group to support the Caribbean through their music. Just this past October, the group threw a benefit concert in Miami to raise funds for those affected by the ongoing wave of natural disasters. One hundred percent of the proceeds from the three-hour concert went to the people of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean Islands that were affected by Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Maria.

Now, the group’s intimate relationship with the islands has shifted to take form outside of their sound. In their latest project, Major Lazer has teamed up with Bacardi to create “The Sound of Rum”, which is a specially crafted rum made with direct input from Major Lazer’s Diplo, Jillionaire, and Walshy Fire, as well as the Bacardi Maestros de Ron.

This special Major Lazer Limited Edition Rum is a blend of light and dark rums that have been tropically aged between three and four years. According to Reserve Bar, the rum has “notes of tropical fruit, cedar, almonds and vanilla”, and possesses “a warm silky body with faint notes of tropical fruits with rich vanilla”.

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‘Creativity is in our blood. We create music on pretty much a daily basis, but creating our own rum is the stuff of dreams,’ Major Lazer member, Jillionaire states. ‘We’ve worked with Bacardi to create this unique blend, something that we feel really embodies The Sound of Rum and links rum and music in a way that’s never been done before.’

The “Sound of Rum” can be purchased from Reserve Bar for just $19 US, but is only available for delivery in certain states. It has been available since July.