Trap Duo LOUDPVCK Splits Up


Its official, LOUDPVCK are breaking up. The news comes from their official Instagram page as Ryan Marks announces to fans that now is the time for him to start a new chapter.

The duo of Ryan Marks and Kenny Beats have been a mainstay in the world of Trap music for the last five years, but this split comes as a shock to everyone. Judging from the social media post, it looks as if Kenny will continue the project of LOUDPVCK, so fans can be hopeful that the music keeps on rolling.

While we’re sad to see the duo break up, this division could lead to two new excellent projects. Ryan Marks says “passions and musical direction lie elsewhere” so this could breathe some fire into the Trap genre.

As for now, Kenny Beats will be leading LOUDPVCK solo. Here is to hoping that LOUDPVCK continues to produce excellent music and Ryan Marks begins a project which becomes one for the books.

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