Kaskade is someone who you really can’t imagine ever having a bad set or track, much like some other select artists out there. The difference, is that many end up changing their music for the worse, perhaps run out of ideas, or just get burnt out.

Not Kaskade.

Rather, he’s been even busier this year: touring globally, playing intimate Redux sets while contrasting with his more classic sets, as well as releasing new tunes. And while having the opportunity to catch the master himself playing anywhere, he really gave us a true gem at his EDC Orlando Sunset set last weekend.

With great artists come great fans, and one of them did all of us a solid by recording his entire set in HD! The set starts off with his classic progressive electro sound, and even throwing in some of his classics. But perhaps the best part of the set was around the 19:00 mark, where he let loose an absolute banger of an ID.

Fans tried getting an answer from Kaskade, but he declared on Twitter, “If I told you I would have to kill you…

There you have it! Guess we’ll have to wait. Enjoy!

Relive Kaskade’s Mindblowing EDC Orlando Set