iPhone X’s Face ID Feature Fails to Impress in First Batch of Phones

iPhone X
Another year is almost up and that means another iPhone has released. This year’s newest iPhone, the iPhone X, seems to be the most revolutionary phone yet with new features to captivate Apple‘s large band of loyal users. One of the newest features on the new iPhone X is the new Face ID. With the new phone lacking a home button, this means you can no longer unlock your phone with your finger print. Instead the new option to unlock your phone is through Face ID. Similar to the finger print unlock, the Face ID requires you hold the phone to your face and once the phone recognizes your face, the phone will unlock.

Unfortunately, as the first batch of users begin to receive their new phones, it seems as the new Face ID feature is not as great as we once hoped for it to be. Many of the users are complaining that their phones are having trouble recognizing their face. This forces the user to enter that annoying 6-digit passcode just to unlock their phone. When commenting on the their trouble with the Face ID feature, one user commented the following:

“Apple clarified that Face ID works best at a distance of 25 to 50 centimeters away from your face, or about 10 to 20 inches. That’s closer than I usually hold my phone when I pull it out of my pocket to check something, which means I had to actively think about holding the iPhone X closer to my face than every other phone I’ve ever used.”

Imagine needing to “smell” your phone every time just so you can unlock it? All of a sudden the new iPhone X doesn’t seem all too appealing…

Like many revolutionary electronic products, the first batch of releases always seem to encounter technical difficulties. But if you haven’t pre-ordered your iPhone X yet, the shipment date is currently 5-6 weeks so we won’t be receiving one immediately anyways. Hopefully Apple fixes this issue soon so we can easily access those cute animojis by the time we receive our iPhone X.