Fireworks Fired Into Crowd During Transmission Festival

In 2017 EDM festival production is at an all-time high. Between LEDs, lasers, and pyrotechnics it has become harder and harder to raise the bar and wow the crowd with something unique. Transmission Festival in Prague pushed the envelope a bit too far with indoor pyrotechnics and the pyro team suffered from some major accidents.

Numerous time during the Transmission Prague event, fireworks were shot directly into the crowd below. And no, this was not some sort of special safe firework or some sort of illusion. A stream of fireworks were launched intending to pass over the crowd, but falling right in the center of it. Attendees reported burnt hair or minor burns to their skin. As of now no serious injuries have been reported. You can see the entire scary scene below. Now you know why some countries have strict rules in regards to pyrotechnics at festivals.