Electric Forest Releases Captivating Installment of Once Upon The Forest Series

If I were ever asked what my interpretation of heaven would be like, my mind would instantly flood with images of a lush forest – one overflowing with radiant souls – all moving to the rhythm of blissful melodies. The sun would flicker through the trees like a painting and time would no longer exist. The only thing that would matter is the electric current bouncing off of each other and the music binding us together as one. This is why I truly believe Electric Forest has manifested, what I would call, heaven on earth.

Electric Forest is a festival unlike any other. It’s a place that may or may not have been the inspiration for most fairytales. From the vast Sherwood oak trees illuminating with color and captivating artwork to the eclectic diversity of both the music and the people, it’s a place of magic. Curated by Insomniac Events in 2011, Electric Forest has quickly become the ultimate fantasy for festival fans with artists like ODESZA, Flume, and Above & Beyond performing in a place that feels like you’ve jumped down the rabbit hole straight into Wonderland.

If Electric Forest didn’t already seem dreamy enough for you, the visual team has just released a new installment to their Once Upon a Forest Series, which aims to highlight the pull they feel to awaken compassion, strength, and creativity within others through their events. Every shot in this film was captured at Electric Forest 2017 and features real Forest Family in attendance. This piece consisted of more than a dozen collaborators on site, shooting three scenes a day for five days straight and an opportunity to approach capturing The Forest in a completely raw and intimate way. This installment is both breathtaking and powerful with its stunning visuals and an enlightened narrative that gently leads you through each moment.

“Time is a social institution and not a physical reality. There is, in other words, no such thing as time In the natural world – the world of stars and waters and mountains and clouds and living organisms – but there is such a thing as rhythm… rhythm of tides, rhythm of biological processes… now, of course, are we going to take time seriously? that is the big question. If you don’t understand that time is an adventure, of course you take it seriously and you are driven by time. You can’t get hold of it, You can’t describe it… But you can imagine all sorts of things indeed and that perhaps the whole visible universe is just our imagination”

For information on how to visit The Forest in 2018, click here and be sure to stay tuned for the first artist announcements along with loyalty and general admission sale dates coming soon!