Diplo Offers Insight into Today’s Music Scene, Taylor Swift, and Drake

Diplo has always been a name that has constantly been on the forefront of the dance music scene since 2005. He’s produced for top notch celebrities, performed with Major Lazer, and is a founding father of Moombahton. Known for being outspoken, his mouth recently triggered Taylor Swift fans when he quoted “Kids don’t want to listen to, like, ‘Look What You Made Me Do.’ That music doesn’t relate to them at all.”. The A-List DJ has been to known express some opinionated statements through twitter, but that authenticity is what has made many fans appreciate him as an artist and person.

The fiery statement was said in an interview with Rolling Stone‘s senior editor. Through eye-opening questions, Diplo showed his outlook on today’s music scene and how much he has matured as an artist. He keeps it real and humble while respecting many musicians (except Taylor Swift). By giving his personal wisdom, fans can realize how his lengthy experience as a producer directly correlates to his raw and unfiltered view of the music industry.

Music ideas shared as through a wave effect, shows resulting in immediate pay, and the extreme desire for streaming music are all statements that Diplo made in his interview, showing he knows exactly where he stands as an artist. He recognizes whats important in his career to him and where his strengths are (or aren’t).

We’ve learned a few more facts from Diplo’s answers including his admiration for Drake. He respects him as a huge songwriter and credits him as being “ahead of the trend”. You can also rest assured he won’t stop performing anytime soon. As for causing drama, he says “he doesn’t really feel like being a catalyst for arguments on the Internet“. While most people may respect his decision to tone it down, the secretly live for the drama and don’t want him to stop.

You can listen to more details from the juicy interview with Rolling Stone here.


*Image Courtesy of Irish Mirror