Last weekend, Alesso joined Hailee Steinfeld, Florida Georgia Line, and watt to perform their latest hit single ‘Let Me Go‘ at the American Music Awards.

Opposed to his usual turntables, Alesso found himself in an unfamiliar environment as he played keyboard and even acted as a backup singer in their performance. However, Alesso being a backup singer may not be the most shocking thing that came out of the AMA’s last weekend.

In an interview with Billboard, Alesso admitted that he is currently working on music that is not meant for the dance floor. Instead, it’s a better fit for your headphones. He stated:

“The last year, I’ve been just in a very creative environment. I used to just think about what will work on a dance floor at a festival. Now, I try to put out a song that makes me really feel [something], that’s meant to come out through your headphones when you’re on your way to work, or off work in the car, [or] being with your friends. I’m just trying to make the most of each song wherever it goes, not trying to push it to a dance floor direction. If I want it to be a dance floor version down the road, I’ll just remix it.”

This confession has become evidential with his latest releases, which have all been more “pop-like” – such as his collaboration with Anitta on ‘Is That For Me’. “She’s the coolest chick ever,” Alesso said about his new Brazilian friend. “She’s the biggest pop star I think in history in Brazil, and now she’s working with me, J. Balvin and Poo Bear. She’s definitely spreading her music into this kind of markets.” The Swedish producer has confirmed that he has a handful of new collaborations with Anitta coming in the near future.

With all of these new singles being released, we would expect a potential album coming our way – but it seems like Alesso is still undecided about his plans for future releases. He had this to say about his upcoming projects:

“One day, I feel like I have an album on the way, the other day, I feel like I’m just going to put [it] out record by record. “It changes really every week. I’m just trying to focus now on the next project and the project before, and not try to think so ahead. That was my problem, and then it ended up being no songs, but Shots Studios is really there for me with all these things. I think they’re making my life a little bit easier.”

From his vocal collaborations such as ‘Calling‘ and ‘Years‘ to his more festival-like dance tracks including ‘Tear the Roof Up‘ and ‘Payday‘, I am confident that I am speaking on behalf of the EDM community when I say that we are devastated to see Alesso go down this path. Hopefully this pop music phase drifts by quickly and that he realizes EDM is where he belongs.

As a reminder to everyone of what Alesso’s music was once all about, here’s a throwback to one of his greatest performances.