Vini Vici vs. Pixel – Flashback

Vini Vici is back again with an incredible song. The Israeli/Brazilian duo has made some huge waves with their song Chakra featuring W&W. We’ve all fallen in love with that track, it has been played at every major festival by Trance big hitters around the world.

Flashback featuring Pixel takes on the approach of being a steady slow building Psy-Trance song which is one for the books. We can still identify the essential Vini Vici theme – the transcendent vocals of the duo – towards the middle of the song which has become world famous in recent months, .

This song is part of the ‘Part Of The Dream’ compilation, and will give the Trance faithful something to cheer about. The Trance genre as a whole has seen a huge revival as illustrated in our interview during Tomorrowland.

Vini Vici goes back to the roots of Psy-Trance, leaving us craving for more.

Vini Vici vs. Pixel – Flashback

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