Vegas Gunman Targeted Lollapalooza In Addition to Life is Beautiful

As investigators scramble to learn the background, preparations, and motivations of the heinous Las Vegas attacker, more and more scary details come to light. We brought you the harrowing story that Stephen Paddock had previously booked a room overlooking Las Vegas’ Life is Beautiful Festival the weekend before his rampage. Just last night, investigators confirmed that to be true. However, it is thought that this was a dry run and was not necessarily an intended target. The reason for this thought is that his girlfriend who claims to know nothing, was not sent away by Paddock until after Life is Beautiful.

Source: TMZ

Now TMZ is reporting that Paddock had also booked two rooms overlooking Chicago’s Lollapalooza Festival at The Blackstone Hotel. The killer’s room bookings both had check-out dates on Aug 6 when Lollapalooza was set to end. He even requested “a room with a view”, however he reportedly never showed up to the hotel. His room would have given a bird’s eye view of the main stage as well as the entrance. You can see a map of the Chicago area below, and at least be glad that this killer is now rotting where he belongs.