Rinzen – Forbidden City EP

Mau5trap artist Rinzen is a newly emerging artist in the world of techno. He first made his debut onto the scene with his remix of Giorgio Moroder’s ‘Good For Me’ and quickly caught the eye of Deadmau5 soon after. The young producer combines orchestral sounds with house and techno resulting in tracks that are artistically stunning. His goal is to create a different world with each track he produces and this is evidenced on his debut EP on Mau5trap.

Forbidden City is Rinzen’s first EP and second release on Mau5trap. Each track on the EP paints a cinematic scene that is created by carefully thought out musical sounds. The EP has an ominous sound similar to fellow Mau5trap artist Blackgummy, but contains a more percussive driving element especially in the EP’s closer ‘Triumph of the Human Spirit‘. The middle track ‘Belly of the Beast‘ is a reflection of Rinzen’s travel to Kyoto therefore giving it a mysterious, majestic sound. The first track ‘Forbidden City‘ is the title track of the EP and represents it the most with “feelings of awe and reverence”.

Rinzen successfully created a story of one stumbling into a hidden temple and the journey that follows. Take a trip into the Forbidden City below.