Meet OddKidOut, The Musician Who’s Striving to Influence the Next Generation of Musicians

Philadelphia born producer, Butch Serianni, or most commonly known as OddKidOut is making a name for himself. The now Los Angeles based producer came to light through his finger drumming videos on Instagram just two years ago.

OddKidOut is an up-and-coming producer that is quickly rising into the headlines. His move to Los Angeles was due to be closer to his mentor Skrillex and the OWSLA camp. Furthermore, he was the youngest person to be admitted into Philadelphia’s School of Rock. By the same token, he has been a touring drummer since pre-pubescence.

At the request of his fans, the talented producer will release a full LP instead of just the one minute Instagram videos. Every Thursday, a new beat from the beat tape will be released, culminating on the last beat. The succinct project will be released in full on January 11, 2018.

You can check out the first track from his LP, The Slow Drip, down below:

OddKidOut – Up Top | Stream