Justin Jay – Home

It’s been a quiet couple years for Justin Jay since the release of his Fantastic Voyage album. Today, the singer/songwriter/producer is back to proudly present us with his Home album.

Home is Justin’s first shot as a full body of work written, recorded and sung entirely by himself. Justin has been spreading his singer/songwriter wings wider than ever and the hard work is showing with the new album.

Home is a feels trip start to finish. I haven’t stopped listening since I first got my ears on it; the album encourages multiple playbacks for the full effect.

It starts off slow-paced with the emotional Home intro, and immediately jumps into ‘Ease Up’ followed by previously-released singles Stuck Inside My Head and Can’t Hang. One thing leads to another and Flowers is next. Flowers is a beautiful tune, Justin sings about us growing through the bad times. Lyrically, melodically and sonically it is pure, honest and beautiful. The song coalesces into an all encompassing chorus at the end with the track’s arpeggiated plucks layered on top of the hypnotizing melodies, crashing cymbals and Justin’s robotic vocals.

Ease Up is a happier and bouncier track. Best part is that it’s paired with a fun music video that Justin made with his buds featuring a stage garage performance and them just having fun around the city.

I encourage you to listen to the album from beginning to end. It’s special, and deserves the attention. Out now via Fantastic Voyage.