If you have seen Jauz lately you probably know exactly what his voice sounds like. Fans have realized he’s made a habit of talking on the microphone quite a bit during his set. We can’t put too much blame on Jauz for this cause he is one of many DJs who do this. Either way, it can throw off a performance especially if the set is really lighting the crowd up.

To his fans pleasure, Jauz posted on Facebook that from now on he won’t be using the mic that much. He plays a lot of “bass house” or “future bass” type of music that contains a lot of the typical “ 1 2 3 jump!” yelling from DJs. The music can be energizing so it’s easy to see why the DJ would want to get the crowd going with him. But concert-goers have said they go to events for the music, but if someone is on the mic too much you can’t hear the music. Jauz is a DJ who is there to play to his fans, so there’s a good chance he has made this post to try and bring better future performances.