Dillon Francis – ‘Hello There’

Dillon Francis has just released his newest track, which is actually a bit different from his usual work. Opposed to his usual funky trap drops such as ‘Get Low‘ or ‘Say Less‘, Francis’ newest track has more of a Caribbean feel and is quite the laid back track. Featuring the vocals of Young Pinch, ‘Hello There‘ fits a more intimate and chilled-out ambiance.

Francis has always been well known for his comedic personality in the EDM world, so it was no surprise that he would release the new track with a new and fun approach. Upon release of the track, Francis autographed four album cover posters and hid them around the LA area for a bit of a scavenger hunt for his local fans. He posted hints of where the posters were hidden on his Snapchat.

You can check out the full track of ‘Hello There’ below now.

Dillon Francis – Hello There