Deep Therapy: Halloween in a Warehouse

As the Halloween festivities slowly wrap up there seems to be one Ottawa event that has shined above them all. Deep Therapy: Halloween in a Warehouse has completely blown away the locals expectations exposing its attendees to an original venue, outstanding performances by innovative deep house/techno producers and memories that will live on for years to come.

FloorPlay Group is known for their unique and distinctive settings brought together by a community of passionate entrepreneurs and artists who actively showcase international and local talent. Their fashion-forward venues and cutting edge techno/deep house shows assemble a growing and dynamic crowd. The group incorporates more than 30 years of experience in the entertainment industry – and trust us, they are pushing their expansion limits from Ottawa to Montreal and all the way to Miami. The future is bright for this thriving company!

Speaking of location, the overall setting for the event was undeniably breathtaking. Stepping back from your typical pumpkins, ghosts and witches displays, the Albert Island Courtyard delivered a spooky, yet artsy, approach to your ordinary Halloween bash. The organizers incorporated candles, edgy exhibits of staticky television sets, and their infamous flair for creating stunning art pieces in otherwise empty and dead spaces.


Some of the headlining acts included Ottawa local producers: Sergio Pari and Ali Harb. Earlier this month Deep Therapy‘s followers received an unexpected, yet welcomed, surprise – an international guest therapist, Chaim, was added to the event’s already stacked lineup. Known for gracing the DJ booths of acclaimed venues like Stereo (Montreal), Panorama Bar (Berlin), Fabric (London), Output (NYC), among many more, the melodic atmosphere that he creates can only be described as beautifully universal. Needless to say, his outstanding musical reputation did not disappoint.


All of the artists passion for deep house and techno shined through their acts truly making the party a memorable experience for all. To get a taste of the vibe of the celebration, check out the 1 hour sample B2B set below.

The three creative and hardworking promoters behind Deep Therapy, Farid Dagher, Ali Harb, and Sergio Pari are well-known for preaching their passion for the EDM scene and their hopes for the future. Once you attend, the aptly named event truly does leave you feeling refreshed & healed.

“There is somewhat of a cliché, people think that electronic music, anything that sounds underground is for a specific group of people, but we are trying to connect people to that music because it really has a therapeutic effect”

A legendary atmosphere and music weren’t the only aspects that made the night enjoyable; a costume contest was held with the outstanding grand prize of a yearly pass to all of the Deep Therapy events in 2018. Michael Jackson & Medusa stole the show with their detailed looks – but to everyone’s surprise, another attendee came out of her cocoon to showcase her iconic take of the Deep Therapy logo (an artsy butterfly) & also won!



Many locals are counting down the days until the next gathering (to be determined). High expectations will now be in sight as this Warehouse party truly will go down in history.

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