Deadmau5 Buys a Quantum Computer

Deadmau5 took to Instagram to post his newest novelty item – A Quantum Computer. He’s made it publicly known in the past that he has a love for cars and computers. The DJ is known for possessing some interesting and novelty items including his Nyanborghini Purracan and a ton of Szechuan sauce. However we don’t know why the mau5 bought the computer, but then again should we be surprised?

My new quantum computer is lookin pretty dope.

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Eric Prydz left his own two cents on the post stating,”That’s retarded Joel.”

In theory, quantum computers have amazing futuristic properties that allow them to operate multiple things at one time. Scientists are essentially getting electrons to exist in more than one place at a time. However, at this point in time quantum computers aren’t even operable. The theory behind it might be there but the technology for it to function does not exist.

The development of quantum computers is still in its infancy. You can be assured he won’t be using it to DJ. But guessing by Deadmau5’s former purchases, saying you own one has a certain level of impressiveness in its own.