David Gravell – On The Move

Are you ready for new music yet again from David Gravell? His latest release, ‘On The Move‘, is the third song on In Harmony, the new label created by Andrew Rayel. The song is a reworked version of the timeless Trance classic from Barthezz.

David Gravell really is a DJ on the move, making waves in the trance community and gaining widespread support from fellow Trance artists. Just last week he released Traveller‘, a track with a heavy baseline and uplifting melodies. Last month he also released a remix of the widely recognized tune ‘Heads Will Roll‘ – so needless to say this guy is hitting a stride.

This latest remix is yet again another tune which we’re sure will be featured in trance sets across the globe. The remix has significant differences from the original, featuring a booming bass sound right from the start before going into a electrifying melody.

What David Gravell has done with this classic is nothing short of amazing. By slowing the original version down, he gives the melody excellent depth while including a roaring bass fit for any dance floor.

Check out the song below and make sure to put it on your playlist!

David Gravell – On The Move