Clips X Ahoy & Egzod – Everything (ft. KLA)

Today we have a real treat for you from established bass artists Clips X Ahoy, who have released on labels including Dim Mak, Uprise Music and Otodayo. They’ve teamed up with one of our favorite French newcomers Egzod, resulting in a bass-heavy single titled “Everything feat. KLA.”

The single is a follow up to Egzod’s “Focus” sound, which aired on Sirius XM thanks to The Chainsmokers and racked up about 500,000 streams on Spotify. “Everything” tells the story of a world that’s all-too anxiety-fueling, yet one person of significance can make our wants and needs suddenly content, clear, and smooth through the unique combination of a melodic synth to a modern trap template.

When asked about the track’s creation, Egzod explained:

“I’ve recently moved to Miami and I was trying to connect with local producers and the local scene. I was familiar with Clips’ music even when I was still in France. We first connected on Twitter and we both liked each other’s work. He sent me that WIP with these beautiful vocals and I directly felt inspired so I brought my own touch and finished it. We are pretty happy with the result.” 


Clips X Ahoy & Egzod – Everything (ft. KLA)