Since the release of their debut EP Wanted BONNIE X CLYDE have been one of the biggest rising talents of 2017. The duo has been steadily making a name by performing at Okeechobee Music Festival, EDC Japan, EDC Vegas, and will soon be seen at EDC Orlando. They are known for fusing trap, electropop sounds with crisp clear vocals which sets them up to be stand out artists in today’s music scene. Now BONNIE X CLYDE has teamed up another American duo named PURGE to bring you a haunting yet emotional track.

Torn‘ is the result of the two duos coming together. Released on Insomniac Records, the track pulls you from the get go with chilling vocals placed against a lurking bass line. The breakdown highlights the element of contrast in the song with an explosion of trap beats and glistening synths. The artists have done the perfect job in painting the struggle of being “torn” between fitting in but remaining true to oneself.

“We all deal with the feeling of being torn in some way or another. Torn is about expressing your true, raw feelings & coming to terms with them. Understanding it’s ok to need help & to not be ok all the time.” – BONNIE X CLYDE