Ultra Mexico Donates Portion of Ticket Sales to Recent Disasters

There’s been much more than just Ultra Music Festival in Mexico-related news the past few weeks. With two earthquakes and multiple hurricanes, it comes without saying that the country has been nothing less than devastated.

The first edition of Ultra Mexico has been something electronic music lovers have been looking forward to for months, now. Now, there is even more reason to purchase tickets. Ultra Mexico is going to donate the first one million pesos (around $59,000 US dollars) to help those affected.

In addition to their help, they’ve lowered the cost of the general entry tickets to 2,300 pesos. 50% of the proceeds will also go towards helping those affected by the disastrous earthquakes in the past weeks. Pair that with a lineup never before seen in Mexico, and you don’t need more reason to get your tickets today! Head on over to https://umfmexico.com/tickets/2017 and enter the code MexicoUnido to participate.

Ultra Mexico Phase 1 Lineup: