Twitter Increases Character Limit to 280

Twitter has risen to the top of the social media food chain the past few years allowing us to peer into the mind of our friends, colleagues and idols where people spew whatever comes to their mind at the time. What makes it so special is the 140 character limit that makes every message concise. Well, it looks like that may change we got word that Twitter is testing out a new system that doubles the character limit to 280. But don’t run to your smartphone just yet — the feature is only available to a small group of verified users.

The news was announced on the Twitter blog which said the reason for the change was that more characters would give the opportunity for Twitter users to convey a more thorough message that may be misunderstood if shorter. They found that languages such as like Japanese and Chinese can relay almost double the amount of information in one character compared to languages such as English and Spanish. That being said, they increased the character limit to 280 with those who speak lengthier languages in mind. We’ll see how it plays out!