Skrillex And Ed Sheeran Decided To Crash A Party Together

Ed Sheeran Skrillex

Skrillex And Ed Sheeran Crash A Party And Turn It Wild

Imagine getting to see Ed Sheeran be a hype man for Skrillex during a surprise set at a small pub right outside Chicago. That’s how the people who were at Five Roses Pub on Friday can describe their nights. After the Ed Sheeran concert earlier in the night, DJ Alex Pearce was scheduled to perform a set when Skrillex asked if he could take over.

He took to Facebook to recap the event.

“Skrillex asked me if he could jump on the decks. Ed Sheeran said to me, “I didn’t think he was gonna do it” This is what happened at the end of his 90 minute DJ set.”

This is the definition of a wild night. It’s nice to see big names like these two still be able to surprise fans with random acts like popping up at a small pub and throwing down a 90-minute set. I think more performers should do it because it shows appreciation to the fans and also makes for one hell of a night.