EDMTunes is sneaking into the biggest festivals in Europe. Last weekend it was Mysteryland’s turn, and we got to chat with Sam Feldt in which he told us some juicy details about his first album, Sunrise, new sounds and more..

First things first, what’s your typical breakfast?

I don’t really have one, depends on where I am or what’s available, I could be at an airport and then I’d had to do with a burger or something if that’s the only thing that’s available. At home I like to eat you know, some yogurt and some wheat stuff, it depends on where I am. I’m not that picky with breakfast.

Coming from an electronic music background, it’s been quite refreshing to listen to your collaboration with Akon. How was it to share the studio with one of the legends of R&B / Hip Hop?

Yeah, it’s funny, nowadays with the internet a collaboration can come on a lot of different ways. I actually didn’t go to the studio with him, he just went into his studio in LA and recorded the vocals and just skyped it over to me, and I made the track in my studio; so we weren’t in the studio together, but I did meet him and he’s a great guy, he’s very funny and it was really cool to at least meet my childhood hero, or one of my childhood heroes!

The countdown for the release of your first album “Sunrise” has finally started. What can you tell us about it?

I want to tell a lot, but I can’t tell a lot yet, what I can tell is that it’s going to be about diversity, it’s going to be about everything that is Sam Feldt, so for example, one of tracks you can listen to at 9 a.m. in the morning, when you wake up and have a cup of coffee, one of my tracks is more suited for the club, you know, 128 BPM at for example 5am, so it’s going to be about times, about time zones, and the rest will unleash itself in the next couple of weeks.

What genres of music are you working on right now? Are you staying on the tropical house style or are you exploring new sounds?

Yeah, there are so many different styles and genres on the album, so, there’s going to be a track that’s 100 BPM with for example a country singer. There’s going to be a track that’s more reggae based, there’s going to be a track that’s really clubby… I don’t really like genres. As long as you can hear Sam Feldt music, that’s the most important thing for me and that’s also what you’re going to hear in the album.

Congratulations on hitting DJ Mag’s Top 100 DJs! How does that accomplishment feel and what are you doing to climb the ranks in 2017?

Thanks! We’ll see, I think it’s all about releasing a lot of good music and I think I’ve done that this year. You know we did a lot of cool singles, there’s the album coming up, so there’s a lot of music to support my career, there’s a lot of very cool shows of course, the Ultra Main Stage, Mysteryland today… I think it’s all about the fans seeing you live, enjoying your music and then, when it’s time to make their vote, they will make it about you, you know, it’s not the issue really being pushy. I always post “go and vote for your favorite DJ”, but I don’t say “go vote for me”, because if you like my music you will vote for me, and in the end it’s just a list, I’d like to be a few points higher but we’ll see about that.

Who’s your favorite DJ at the moment and why?

Well, there are so many djs that are making so many cool things. I love the productions that Kygo is doing, I love the technicality of the DJ sets of Don Diablo. I do like how Oliver Heldens is exploring the more ‘techy’, techno sounds in his sets. So I can’t pinpoint one!