REZZ Announces ‘Mass Manipulation’ Comic Alongside ‘Premonition’ Release


REZZ Announces Mass Manipulation Comic And Releases ‘Premonition’ Video

REZZ has seen astounding success as of late with the release of her first studio album Mass Manipulation but, In this day and age, Artists can’t rely on album sales and are motivated to experiment with their creativity in a myriad of ways other than making music. The album is certainly unique enough already, but REZZ has made the decision to take it a step further with the creation of a 60-page companion comic book. The comic will give fans a visual story of the album and a better understanding of the theme.

Along with the announcement, REZZ also released a music video for ‘Premonition’ which follows the story of the comic while giving us a look at the animation style used. The video is playful and fun. It’s always cool to see artists branching out and trying to add to their music in fun and unique ways. Hopefully, we’ll see more during her Mass Manipulation Tour which starts tomorrow. Check out the dates here. The comic is also available for pre-order here.