Eric Prydz’ Next Single Premiered on Group Therapy Radio

This is an unusual turn of events, but we’re not complaining. Eric Prydz teased recently that we would be getting some new Pryda music, but in typical Eric fashion that’s literally all we got. Then, earlier this week the intrepid Prydz enthusiasts of Reddit noticed that Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy was teasing some Eric Prydz music. Group Therapy typically only plays new or upcoming music, so the r/ericprydz members deduced (rightly) that this was new music.

Fast forward to today and on ABGT252 the trio premiered a brand new Pryda track called “Stay With Me“. You might know this amazing track as Prytrance ID that first hit the scene at Eric’s incredible Tomorrowland set. It was jokingly named as such because it’s Eric’s take on the genre. Now a vocal sample has been added, which is also the source of the title. This track was a crowd favorite for the entire Summer and is sure to become a huge one for many months to come. Could we be seeing an entire EP? Only time will tell. Check out the full rip of the final version below.