Ookay & Fox Stevenson – Lighthouse

Ookay has been huge on the music scene and is back with a hit single “Lighthouse”. Collaborating with Fox Stevenson, the track is released by Monstercat and features a hint of trap. Fans have been waiting for the song to drop and many positive reactions were given. You better prepare yourselves for the feels. The lyrics deliver a message where it is comforting to have someone by your side.

The beginning of the track starts smoothly and the male vocals run well with the melody. The build up eventually speeds to the drop and that is where fans become obsessed. The explosion of the drop includes additional beats and high synths. From there, the rest of the track becomes catchy with its tune and lyrics. Produced by such talented artists, there’s no doubt that “Lighthouse” will go viral this year! Go listen to the track below.

Ookay & Fox Stevenson РLighthouse