An 18-year old law student named Becky Brock died after a bag of ecstasy exploded in her stomach while she was in Ibiza. She was found in a pool of blood in her hotel room where she was on holiday to celebrate her friend’s birthday.

She was found unresponsive in her room at the Hotel Marco Polo on September 28 last year. Spanish police began an investigation after the amount of the class-A drug in her system was ‘double the level’ of a normal fatal dose.

It seems like five bags wrapped with elastic bands were found in her stomach. Her mother, Margarita Brock, believed her daughter may have been forced to swallow the bag of drugs, claiming her daughter would not have willingly taken the pills because she was unable to swallow tablets. She also said her daughter had tried cocaine in the past, but didn’t like it.

Toxicologist Dr Stephen Morley said Spanish authorities had found that Becky had died around 48 hours before she was found in her room. The Spanish toxicologist detected a small amount of alcohol in her body, consistent with Becky having a few drinks on the evening of September 22. This is where he also discovered the evidence of a potentially fatal concentration of MDMA. The level of MDMA was double the reported fatal level.

Pathologist Dr Derek Robson added, ‘The blood next to her head doesn’t lead me to believe she suffered trauma. It is likely that death occurred a few hours after the package burst.

This was Becky’s third visit to Ibiza so going there was not knew to her. People who knew her well described Becky Brock as a very gifted student, which adds to the shock of the unfortunate event.