Lavid – BURN (feat. klei)

German producer Emanuel Bender – also known as Lavid – released his debut single recently. ‘Burn‘ is a silky smooth song with a soft melodic tunes that make this the perfect song for easy listening. The track has an “Odesza-like” quality because of its ambient and dreamy characteristics. Klei is the featured vocalist on the track whose raspy yet relaxing voice pairs well with the track’s instrumentals. The song’s hook “You light up like a cigarette, let me burn with you” is addictive and will have you pressing replay more than once.

Lavid is no newbie to dance music world. His former alias as ‘Drift Static‘ saw him earn 1 million play for his remixes with Awolnation. His remix of ‘Of Monsters and Men’ took a number 1 spot on the Hype Machine charts. Lavid is also incredibly talented with the ability to play several instruments and having a background in film music composition.

You should keep an eye out for Lavid as his first single shows much promise for the rest of his future tracks. Listen to his track ‘Burn’ below.