The iPhone X Has Arrived With A Slew of New Features, Including Improved Cameras, Face ID and More

It’s that time of year again – a favorite for many techies and Apple fanboys and girls – when Apple announces their latest slew of iPhones. Yesterday’s event came with a number of exciting product debuts, including the much-anticipated tenth anniversary iPhone: the iPhone X. 

The phone – which has been ten years in the making – offers new facial recognition technology called Face ID, along with wireless charging, an edge-to-edge display and the lack of a home button.

Face ID removes the fingerprint sensor – you know, that one we all hated at first but has grown on us over the years – and uses Apple’s TrueDepth camera as a form of “secure authentication.” In simple terms: you use your face to unlock your phone.

This feature can only be used if you’re looking at the phone with your eyes open, and its technology actually learns to recognize and understand your appearance. This means that you could change your appearance by adding glasses, changing your hat and so on, and it would still be able to recognize you.

This, of course, is up for debate as to whether or not it will be fully accurate, but a worthwhile effort nonetheless.

The new cameras on the iPhone X are also something to get excited about – this phone features a dual camera setup with two 12-megapixel sensors with image stabilization.

The sad part, however, is the high price of the iPhone X. The 64GB model sits at a pricey $999, followed by the 256GB model at $1,149.

Preorders for the iPhone X begin on October 27th, with shipping kicking off on November 3.