Hunter Siegel Talks About his Battle with Alcohol & Drugs

It is not very often that people openly admit to experiencing difficult life struggles through social media. Recently, Toronto’s very own Hunter Siegel has expressed his emotional journey while battling his alcohol and drug habits through Twitter. Being the founder of the Drake’s hometown’s most promising club series ‘No Neon’ and epically creating his own version of bass-house are two of the many challenges that have impacted his overall health. The Canadian DJ showed remarkable courage as he expressed his deepest and darkest moments to the world. We would like to highlight the importance of this topic below.

Self-realization is an extremely difficult task for all as one must focus solely on the fulfillment of one’s personal potential. The talented producer reassured us through his self-penned essay expressing the undeniable pressure and occasional anxiety that most DJs experience while touring is completely okay. Being vulnerable allows us to grow as human beings.

The courageous musician has truly poured his heart out to his fans as he described the true obstacles of touring as well as his last day with a hangover half a decade ago, seen below:

I would come home from tour and instead of getting into the studio and working on the next song, I was at the after-hours surrounded by strangers working on the next bag. For anyone who thinks they can’t, you definitely can, no matter what is going on in your life or what you do for a living. I think the important part for anyone who wants to make changes is making sure that anyone around you who isn’t encouraging and positive about what you’re doing needs to no longer be around you and I was lucky to have a lot of people back me. It’s hard to get started but once you do it gets easier every day I promise.

[Hunter’s Story]

The beloved Toronto Native aspires that his own personal life-experience could potentially assist at least one other person battling similar addictive behaviors and will allow them to make positive changes to their own habits in order to make their lives better. Inspiring does not come close to describing Hunter Siegel. We hope to see more artists like him demonstrating the ability to be vulnerable with their fans in order to see a positive change in their lives. Congratulations are in order for the musician – keep up the powerful message as well as the positive changes. ‘Easy come, easy go’…