HARD’s Gary Richards is Now Running Electric Zoo & More

One of the biggest news items in the dance music industry in 2017 was the ouster of Founder and President, Gary Richards, from HARD Presents. Gary, who also goes by his artist name Destructo, has been an ever present factor in all HARD Events such as HARD Summer and the legendary Holy Ship for years. Destructo is to HARD what Pasquale Rotella is to EDC. However, when Gary was forced out in July we learned that he landed on his feet at the reinvigorated LiveStyle.

LiveStyle is SFX reborn, and the festival company is looking to make moves yet again. With Gary Richards at the helm, LiveStyle has some added gravitas and experience. Now we know that LiveStyle has put Gary in charge of running this year’s Electric Zoo.

In a since deleted Tweet, Richards also dropped the nugget that he is running EZoo “among others”. Might we see a reborn TomorrowWorld or Mysteryland USA with Destructo at the helm? It’s well within the realm of possibility.