Galantis & ROZES – Girls On Boys

Galantis & ROZES- Girls On Boys

The Galantis boys have just dropped their new collaboration with ROZES called ‘Girls On Boys’. The song goes in a different direction then we’re used to from Galantis. It’s still a catchy song but it has a lower BPM which Galantis doesn’t normally do.

Speaking about the track Galantis said,

“We’ve been waiting to throw you this curve ball! It’s a style of song-writing that’s been a part of Galantis from the start but we never really had the chance to show you.”

ROZES put on great vocals on top of the catchy melody. Although the song does use a slower, more mellow tempo, you can still hear the familiar Galantis bells and drums in the back. The song will surely catch fire over Labor Day weekend and into the second half of 2017. You can hear and stream ‘Girls On Boys’ today.