Future Sound of Egypt (FSOE) is a world renowned label with artists such as Aly & Fila, Artic Moon, and Dan Stone on their roster. Aly & Fila are also the owners of the label, but Fila caught himself amongst drama with another artist recently. Fila – whose real name is Fadi Wassef Naguib – was called out by Mohamed Ragab on Facebook for not paying artists’ their fees.

What occurred on Facebook was a nasty back and forth between the two DJs. A pic of what appears to be drugs in Fila’s manager’s office was posted on Ragab’s post. The purposed meaning of this leads the public to believe that Dimi spent the money he owed to artists on drugs.

 It appears that Dimi stated that he has a current financial problem and Fila is standing by his manager assuring that all artist’s will eventually get paid.

Ragab is having NONE. OF. IT and accuses Fila of being content with not having artist’s payed for playing at Fila’s stage. Ragab claims he was treated poorly by Fila in more ways as well. He had originally signed up to be the social media manager for FSOE but was removed from the FSOE500 lineup AND the agency when he resigned from the management position. He stated he wanted to focus on his career as an artist and that Fila’s actions were unfair.

FSOE500 occurred recently on September 15 in Cairo, Egypt. It was a live show that Aly & Fila hosted for 500th episode of their radio show with Armin van Buuren, Ruben De Ronde, and Paul Thomas.

Fila angrily ends the post with the intent to wire Ragab his money. While we don’t know what the end result is one thing is for certain. Ragab and Fila do NOT like each other.

Ragab is a progressive trance DJ and teacher who has played at Tomorrowland and served a key role for FSOE. He previously collaborated with Paul van Dyk on ‘My World’. Fila is part of the mega successful trance duo Aly & Fila who just released their Beyond the Lights album. They will also be embarking on a world tour this fall.