Eric Prydz Talks 90s Hip-Hop, Laments Lack of Quality Talent Today

Eric Prydz is revered within the dance music community for good reason. From anthem house to techno, Eric can cook up the best of both worlds. One of Eric’s biggest sources of musical inspiration has to 80s synthpop, however this weekend on Twitter Eric revealed that he’s on a bit of a 90s hip-hop tear at the moment.

If you have ever listened to Eric’s podcasts or interviews, his insight into music in general is pretty fascinating. That’s why it’s so cool to hear him discuss a seemingly left-field genre for him.

While he listed off his favorite producers and rapper from the era, he admits he simply doesn’t understand rap from today. Could we see a hip-hop infused Eric Prydz track at some point? Perhaps Eric will take a page from the playbook of his buddy Deadmau5 and do just that.