Dimitri Vegas Has Tied the Knot With MATTN, And Stunning Doesn’t Even Begin To Describe Their Photos

As fall rapidly approaches, the chaotic summer wedding season is slowly coming to an end. And as brides and grooms from around the world wrap up their special days and enjoy their well-deserved honeymoons, one infamous couple has finally made their everlasting love official: Dimitri Vegas and MATTN.

Vegas took to social media and announced the marriage on his accounts, beautiful photos and all. Talk about proclaiming your love in the 21st century!

The Belgian DJ couldn’t contain his excitement as he announced his joy through his personal Twitter account expressing “Just married the most wonderful woman in the world”, which was undoubtedly accompanied by a gorgeous photo of the newlyweds. Continuing the excitement the brothers shared a simple, yet loving, “Just married” image via the duo’s official Facebook account.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what about the groundbreaking Instagram post to ensure that fans truly knew to what extend they really did get hitched? The lovely MATTN has us covered – she posted a charming “Walking into our new life #married” via her official Instagram account. Yes – we can all rest easy now knowing all of the media channels have been flooded with undeniable romance and bliss.

Congratulations are in order for the dominating DJ couple. Wishing you both the best in the future as you continue to grow together in friendship, love and musical aspirations. Cheers!

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