Watch Dillon Francis’ Unfiltered Reaction to Apple’s iPhone X Event

image via Rukes

Yesterday’s unveiling of Apple‘s upcoming gadgets was a highly-anticipated event to say the least. Funnyman Dillon Francis is never one to hold his tongue, so it wasn’t a surprise when he took to Snapchat to live-stream the event and spoke what was on his mind, and ours too.

His hilarious commentary included jabs at a few of the keynote speakers providing the fluff of the presentation, and the iPhone 8, which he was at all not here for. Throughout the live-stream he slowly but surely lost his patience and unleashed on poor Phil, much like any of us would at Apple’s notorious dancing around the issue.

Peace was at last restored in all the land when Tim Cook (or DJ Tim Cook) revealed the long-awaited bezel-less iPhone X.

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