The Chainsmokers Face Hysterical Reaction to China Dogs Comment

The Chainsmokers get a bad rap in the dance music community, and with good reason. They’ve become more of a pop-star persona than respected DJ/producers. Their persona leaves plenty to be desired, but their most recent social media flap is a great example of snowflake hysteria.

It all started when the duo was promoting their performance at the debut edition of Ultra China. They recorded some laid back interview about their performance where the interviewer asked if they were bringing their dog with them. Alex Pall responded that he would if the dog hadn’t behaved so badly. He then remarked that he’s not sure he would want to bring the dog to China in an obvious allusion to the dog eating that does occur there.

Since its 2017, social media melted down over the quip and now the duo are even being called racists over it. Unfortunately the video clip of the interview in question is down, so instead you can take quick look at the disgusting and appalling Yulin Dog Meat Festival from Southern China. During the Yulin Festival over 10,000 dogs are butchered and eaten each year. Perhaps the outrage on social media should be redirected at the animals butchering those dogs.