You Can Buy Deadmau5’s Purracan Now


Our favorite full time masked Canadian dj/producer Deadmau5 and part time internet troll decided recently to post up his infamous Lamborghini Huracan up for sale. The vehicle was first born shortly after he was issued an official cease-and-desist letter by Ferrari itself for vinyl-wrapping his 458 Italia almost completely with the internet sensation Nyan Cat. The “Nyanborghini Purracan” was the replacement for the Ferrari, sporting a similar wrap with appropriately altered badges and paint accents to match the meme. For those who don’t bask on internet culture can rest assured, by Motion Endeavours, that the vinyl wrap can be removed and the matching calipers repainted to stock.

So whether you’re an avid meme lover of electronic music or just looking to own a low-mileage Lambo – this Lamborghini is priced very reasonably at a sticker price of $235K. With the Lambo on its way out, we wonder what Joel will slide into its long time spot in the garage. The music producer’s personal tastes might seem cheesy when it comes to customization but his supercar taste is top of the cream. I guess we will have to wait and see what pony he will add to the collection in the next few months!