As many of you know, the legendary Avicii has stepped back into the limelight for a long-awaited return. His followers were ecstatic to hear some incredibly fresh new releases such as ‘Without You‘, ‘Friend of Mine‘ and ‘Stronger‘, among many more. The one track that seems to keep standing out among the rest is his chart-topping Rita Ora collaboration entitled ‘Lonely Together‘. Recently, this piece continues to shine above the others as the officially music video was released today.

During the summer we were graced with the release of this stunning song. Avicii yet again proved to the world why he truly is a staple in the electronic dance music scene as he blended his musical abilities beautifully throughout his many new releases. In this particular track the Swedish DJ unleashes the bass alongside tambourines, electronic synths and cymbals. Rita Ora then takes the song to an entire new level with her incredible vocal abilities and emotional lyrics.

The new music video is guaranteed to satisfy their fans aspirations for this summer-vibin’ tune. It goes without saying that the British singer makes many appearances throughout the video, truly connecting with the viewers as she serenades you with strong and distinct emotions. Fans can follow a couple throughout the scenes as they are shown enjoying all aspects of life – including something that’s on many people’s bucket lists: a paint fight.

You can check it out for yourselves below.