Deadmau5 Confirms A New Album Is Coming

Deadmau5 Confrims A New Album Is In The Works

The legendary electronic music producer, Deadmau5, has confirmed that a new album is in the works. The release date for the 9th studio album by Joel has yet to be determined. It can be speculated that it will be released no later than Spring 2018.

The musical direction Deadmau5 may take on this album is yet to be known. Through the long production live streams, we will be able to see what Joel has cooking in the studio. Undoubtedly, we can expect to see new genre bending tracks on this upcoming album. Joel’s last single feautirng Shotty Horroh created a bridge within Hip Hop and EDM.

Deadmau5 is one of the few electronic music producers to stay true to his roots. We all await for what can be guessed as a masterpiece of an album.