You Won’t Believe What Was Found In Drugs Tested At Kendal Calling Festival

Researcher working with chemicals

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Non-profit charity The Loop makes it their mission to educate club-goers and festival attendees all over Europe on the harm done by taking mysterious drugs, and they believe knowledge is the best weapon, “We believe information can mean the difference between life and death.”

This past weekend, The Loop set up outside Kendal Calling Festival in Lowther Deer Park Cumbria and offered drug testing services to inform its guests of what their drugs were really made of. When tested, bags of “MDMA crystal” being sold for £50 ($66) per gram turned out to be brown sugar; some suspiciously hard, grey pills were made of concrete; and several samples of “cocaine” and “ketamine” were, in fact, ground-up anti-malaria tablets. Founder of the charity, Fiona Measham stated that 1 out of every 5 users trashed their drugs after finding out what they consisted of.

The charity works closely with local authorities and rehabilitation centers to ensure its guests do not receive criminal charges for having their drugs tested. Companies like Rehab Report will help find the best rehab centers for whoever in need to get through the drug addiction recovery.

Measham hopes to continue to save lives with The Loop’s testing services and will be setting up at more festivals this season including Boomtown Fair August 10-13th. The charity depends on volunteers to expand their team, see how you can get involved here.