New Vice Video Delves Deep Into The Mind Of A Skrillex Fan

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Ever Wonder Who Listens To Skrillex?

Vice is consistently producing quality content. The media company has built somewhat of a reputation for themselves in terms of news reporting, but that doesn’t mean it’s afraid to have some fun either. For example, the new series “What Would Diplo Do?” is an oddly entertaining take on Diplo’s everyday life. The relatively new series gives viewers a humorous glimpse inside the life of a world famous Producer. The media outlet recently released an investigative journalism piece trying to shed light on the other side of the Electronic music community. The Fans.

The video follows Vice reporter Josh Haddow as he interviews multiple people who claim to be Skrillex fans. I honestly couldn’t believe that the video was real, and I still have my doubts. Legitimacy aside, the video is thoroughly entertaining and I recommend giving it a watch if you want to learn about the everyday Skrillex fan.

Who Actually Listens to Skrillex?

"As soon as it kicks in, my shirt is off and I'm swinging it"We found out who actually listens to Skrillex.

Nai-post ni VICE noong Martes, Agosto 15, 2017

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