STéLOUSE – Bones

StéLouse has had an amazing musical journey so far that has won us over early on and has us anxiously waiting for the next single every time. A few months back the Denver-based artist delivered his debut, self titled album which was a combination of his background in live instrumentation and his passion for electronic music.

Just last week, StéLouse returned with a fresh new single which he tapped Tilian for the stellar vocal work. The intro features a strummed guitar, a nod to STéLOUSE’s background with performing in bands. The track has a decidedly smoother bent than Tilian’s previous. A languid energy is pervasive, with Tilian’s vocals soaring over a foundation of rumbling bass. The drop kicks the track into gear, with the vocals transforming into catchy vocal chops and the high energy plucks propelling the track forward.

STéLOUSE – Bones | Download