TJANI – ‘Pad Thai (feat. Gracie)’ [Hotel Garuda Remix]

Hotel Garuda Remix

TJANI – ‘Pad Thai (feat. Gracie)’  (Hotel Garuda Remix)

Hotel Garuda consists of Manila Killa and Candle Weather who first met in school and came together later to form a comprehensive DJ/Producer duo. They draw inspiration from the likes of Cashmere Cat and Thomas Jack to name a couple. The House Music masters have released their rework of TJANI‘s ‘Pad Thai (feat. Gracie)’ and have turned a borderline dance track into a potential club anthem.

Hotel Garuda‘s take on ‘Pad Thai‘ commences with a tempo slightly higher than the original’s. However, what sounds like a typical Pop number transforms into a dancing demon with Gracie‘s vocals giving it a pleasant, neutralizing twist. The drop accounts for the USP of the song and comes in paired with the melodic and tension building synths in the background. Wholesomely speaking, the track is not a sensational upgrade on the original but would certainly get you tapping your foot courtesy the peppy beats and a higher tempo.

Listen to the track below and decide for yourself.

TJANI – Pad Thai (feat. Gracie) [Hotel Garuda Remix] | Free Download